Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zero Tolerance for St. Patrick's Day California DUI cases?

California DUI criminal defense lawyer news

California DUI - driving drunk is never a good idea, but engaging in the activity during the St. Patrick's Day weekend may cost drivers a pot of gold.

California DUI Police will field "saturation" California DUI drunk driving patrols on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights with at least four extra patrol cars on the streets, California DUI attorneys just heard.

California DUI Officers working the special shifts also will write speeding tickets and enforce all other traffic laws with a "zero tolerance" California DUI policy.

"DUI is a big factor in many traffic collisions throughout the region," California DUI lawyers heard authorities say. "We have had several serious incidents recently. We are lucky that they did not result in fatalities." The California DUI enforcement operations are funded by a special grant from the state Office of Traffic Safety.