Sunday, April 20, 2008

California Cities Cited for Most Intensive Efforts to Curb California DUI Driving

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California DUI Attorneys often ask which US cities have the most drinkers or biggest drunks, or most DUI cases: has the answer.

How does one figure out which US cities drink the most alcohol:

Look at the federal bureau of investigation numbers on DUI / Drunk Driving arrest rates in each city. (These are DUI arrests, not DUI convictions, so if one's DUI criminal defense lawyer avoids a DUI for someone, the DUI arrest still counts in these numbers.)

Cities with the greatest nationwide / California DUI police efforts to cut down on California DUI driving:

Anaheim, California DUI police
Bakersfield, California DUI police
Freemont California DUI police
Fresno, California DUI police
Los Angeles California DUI police
Modesto California DUI police
Oakland California DUI police
Riverside California DUI police
Sacramento California DUI police
San Diego California DUI police

Next, compare the number of alcohol-related liver disease deaths in each city. One's liver metabolizes alcohol, and the more one drinks, the more damage one does. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide this public information.

Binge drinking too often is a path to alcoholism. For men, having five or more drinks in one sitting classifies you as a binge drinker. Check their stats on the number of binge drinkers in each city.

In addition to DUI arrests, one can obtain information on the number of fatal car accidents involving DUI / Drunk Driving / Impaired / Intoxicated drivers from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving rates cities based on efforts to cut down on excessive drinking.

California DUI lawyers are proud that California has the top 10 cities with the most intensive DUI police efforts in the country.

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