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California DUI attorney news - celebrities

California DUI attorney news - celebrities

The disposition of California DUI cases involving celebrities aren’t handled any differently than all of the other California DUI cases wending their way through the county’s labyrinthian legal system.

Take Barron Hilton, 18, scion to the Hilton family fortune and brother of self-perpetuated celebrity Paris of the same name, pleaded no contest in Malibu Municipal Court on April 9 to t

2 misdemeanor counts from a California DUI drunk-driving incident last month.
Pleading no contest, or nolo contendere, is not an admission of guilt, but the charges are not contested. It was reported that Hilton had a .14 blood alcohol reading. In California, .08 is considered legal intoxication for drivers over 21. For drivers under 21, any blood alcohol level constitutes legal intoxication.
Hilton was given three years summary California DUI probation by Commissioner H. Jay Ford, and his driver license was suspended for a year.

Hilton was not in court as his lawyer entered his California DUI pleas to California DUI drunken driving and possessing a false driver license. A third charge related to California DUI driving under the influence and a count of being an unlicensed driver were dismissed in the deal.
Hilton was ordered to pay $2000 in fines and penalties and participate in three alcohol education programs, including one run by the state Department of Motor Vehicles, one that requires a visit to a morgue, and a third run by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Hilton was arrested in Malibu Feb. 12 behind the wheel of a 2008 Mercedes-Benz E350 registered to a Nevada corporation that was spotted weaving on Pacific Coast Highway. At some point prior to 8 a.m., he may have struck another vehicle, a gas station pump and employee. Hilton faces a June 4 hearing to determine restitution on these allegations. Witnesses’ testimony stated that a 19-year-old female passenger who was in the car with Hilton and may have assumed the wheel at some time during the erratic driving, was also responsible for a hit-and-run incident on Pacific Coast Highway.

The California Highway Patrol has kept that aspect of the investigation under wraps because it has not yet produced any charges.

The son of longtime local residents Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal has pleaded not guilty to drug charges stemming from a Malibu arrest. Redmond James O’Neal, 23, entered pleas last Friday to two felony charges of possessing heroin and methamphetamine and two misdemeanor counts that include California DUI.

Prosecutors said O’Neal was arrested after sheriff’s deputies spotted his car speeding on Pacific Coast Highway before dawn on Jan. 26. According to the official report, the younger O’Neal was released on bond from the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station on the day of his arrest.

He is set to appear in Malibu Superior Court on May 29 for a preliminary hearing scheduling to determine if he will stand trial, California DUI attorneys say.

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