Sunday, April 6, 2008

California DUI criminal defense attorney news from Northern California

California DUI criminal defense attorney sunday morning news

A suspected California DUI drunk driver was killed by a Sacramento police officer during a Saturday afternoon incident near the Fair Oaks Bridge. The shooting led to the injury of an innocent woman, who was struck by the California DUI suspect's car as he tried to flee.

Sheriff's Department says the 40-year old Sergeant approached a vehicle that had been reported as a possible California DUI. When the California DUI suspect, a 41-year old male, ignored the California DUI officer's commands, the California DUI officer apparently reached into the car to force the sCalifornia DUI uspect out.

The California DUI driver allegedly stepped on the gas with the sergeant's arm still inside. California DUI lawyers are told the officer feared for his life and drew his handgun, shooting the suspect multiple times. The California DUI driver tried to flee the scene, striking four vehicles along Bridge Street and a 27-year old woman before coming to a halt about 200 yards from the scene of the shooting.

The California DUI suspect was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. Another man inside the car was not shot, but was transported to a hospital for evaluation. The woman was also transported to the hospital, California DUI attorneys understand.

The California DUI officer involved in the incident is being placed on administrative leave, a standard practice in this sort of situation. California DUI authorities are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the California DUI suspect's death, according to California DUI lawyers.

6 California DUI / Drunk Driving suspects arrested near Fresno

Meanwhile, six California DUI suspects were arrested Friday night at a California DUI sobriety and driver's license checkpoint in Clovis, California DUI police told California DUI lawyers on Saturday.

California DUI lawyers will continue to monitor these and other California DUI stories.