Tuesday, April 8, 2008

California DUI Fresno Cops #1 per MADD

California DUI police in Fresno California are again ranked #1 in the state when it comes to California DUI arrests.

2nd year in a row, MADD chose Fresno police department as "law enforcement agency of the year" for their California DUI arrests.

California DUI / drunk driving or buzzed driving is no big deal? Look out. For years, California DUI / drunk driving was out of control and pretty easy to get away with. Times have changed.

The size of the traffic safety force in Fresno was almost quadrupled to get those numbers down and California DUI arrest numbers up, California DUI lawyers report.

Undercover California DUI officers use tactics which include to watch for people having one too many, and then take to the road, California DUI attorneys hear. www.sandiegodrunkdrivingattorney.net