Thursday, April 24, 2008

California DUI pending legislation bill

California DUI Attorney news

California DUI attorneys are told ignition interlock bills are pending for persons convicted of California DUI.


Public safety has long been a top priority of mine. My legislative package this year contains four important bills to help keep our communities secure. One American life is lost every 22 minutes in an alcohol-related traffic collision. Drunk drivers endanger themselves, other drivers, and pedestrians every time they get behind the wheel. In the past, we often couldn’t tell if someone was driving drunk until they got into an injury or fatality-causing accident. But today, a technological device called an ignition interlock device (IID) can be installed in any automobile that verifies a driver’s sobriety before it allows the car to start. If a driver’s breath registers even a minimal blood alcohol content, they will not be able to drive. (And they won't get a California DUI or need a California DUI attorney.)

My bill, AB 2784, would require that anyone convicted of a California DUI - drunk driving offense be required to install an IID for a specified period of time. A first offense would require five months, a second offense twelve months, and so on.