Monday, April 14, 2008

Richie Sambora faces California DUI & Child Endangerment

California DUI attorney news

How bad will it get for rock star Richie Sambora in his California DUI case?

The Laguna Beach Police Department has requested two misdemeanor counts against Sambora--one for California DUI - driving under the influence and one for child endangerment.

Sambora was popped for a California DUI on March 25 after cops noticed him driving allegedly "erratically." His daughter Ava was in the car with him at the time; since she is under 14, he faces child endangerment charges in addition to California DUI charges, California DUI lawyers report.

He may be looking at possible jail time, says California DUI attorneys. It is possible there can be a not guilty verdict or this can be plea bargained to a lesser offense, and/or he could get something else in lieu of jail.

Sambora is scheduled to appear in California DUI court on May 7. If he is ordered back in rehab, third time is the charm. California DUI lawyers know he must now get the best California DUI attorney available.