Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rockin' Richie Sambora does not contest California DUI

California DUI Attorney news story

Rockin' Richie Sambora does not contest California DUI

Today, Richie Sambora's California DUI / criminal defense attorney plea bargained his California DUI case. His California DUI lawyer entered a plea of no contest to California Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) - driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 only.

The California DUI - driving under the influence charge was dismissed. California DUI prosecutors dropped child endangerment charges, according to California DUI Attorneys.

Sambora was popped for California DUI last month. His 10-year-old daughter Ava was in the car at the time. California DUI blood test results allegedly show Sambora had a .13 blood alcohol level. Although the the Laguna Beach Police Dept. recommended that California DUI prosecutors file a child endangerment charge, California DUI prosecuting attorneys dropped child endangerment.

Sambora got one of the most effective California DUI - criminal defense lawyers in America on his side: Blair Berk, who has repped scores of celebs, from Mel Gibson to Lindsay Lohan. The stars aligned in his favor, because California DUI prosecutor Dennis Conway is considered pretty fair and therefore didn't pursue child endangerment. Well-respected Judge Craig Robison didn't say: "I'm so frickin' tough with celebrities". There is no truth to the rumor Judge Robison will be in his next rock n roll video, California DUI lawyers maintain.

Sambora will pay a $390 California DUI fine plus significant mandatory penalty penalties totalling approximately $1,600. Richie was placed on three years informal California DUI probation and must attend a California DUI alcohol education course. He was ordered that he cannot drink or do drugs during his California DUI probation, California DUI attorneys report.