Friday, April 11, 2008

Saab Alcokey next on California DUI attorneys' list?

California DUI attorneys announcement

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), in partnership with California state Assembly Member Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles) and the California Highway Patrol, will be holding a news conference in support of critical anti-California DUI / drunk driving legislation that can reduce the number of California DUI / drunk driving deaths on California’s roadways. A.B. 2784, introduced by Assembly Member Feuer, would require all convicted California DUI drunk drivers, including first-time California DUI offenders, to install alcohol ignition interlocks on their vehicles. ThisCalifornia DUI bill passed California’s Assembly Committee for Public Safety today, Tuesday, April 8.

The mention of this California DUI law reminded Gripen of the Saab Alcokey, which is still in trials at the moment in Sweden. I thought I’d write to Saab Sweden and see how things are going with it and if it’ll be production-ready any time soon.

The alcokey is on the move. We are right now doing a broad test on vehicles in the Saab fleet of cars. We know that the project has taken a bit longer to get finished but we want to make sure that the interaction between the car and the user will be really smooth.

Think there is no room for malfunction or bad experiences. I mean, how would it feel to not be able to start your car if you’re all sober. And vice-versa is not good either!

So it’s still in the California DUI lab by the sound of things.

It’d sell well in California, I’m sure. You could sell one to the Lohan household, the Spears place, get a couple of spares at the Hilton’s and then there’s the Bartons, California DUI lawyers claim.