Friday, May 30, 2008

Alibi for California DUI - "in class 1 hour before accident and could not drink a gallon of beer in 1 hour after class"

California drunk driving defense attorney claims breath test flawed

May 30, 2008

A Former Fresno State athlete is fighting back in a court room against California drunk driving DUI charges.
Jason Shirley is a big man 6'5", 340 pounds. His size became the center of testimony. In October, Shirley took a California drunk driving breathalyzer test the night he slammed into an apartment complex. California drunk driving Investigators said he was drunk and fled the scene. According to California drunk driving police, Shirley took two California drunk driving tests. The first time he blew a 0.12. A second try 0.11. The legal limit for a driver in California is 0.08.

California drunk driving defense attorney Charles Magill claimed the California drunk driving breathalyzer test was flawed. He said, "Basically what happened here when the officer presented the test to Jason Shirley, he covered the exit port and got the wrong result."

Magill said the future NFL player was not intoxicated that night. A California drunk driving prosecution expert witness testified in order to reach 0.12 a man Shirley's size would have had to consume 10 to 11, 12 ounce beers. Magill called it an outrageous amount of alcohol to drink in an hour, "That's a lot of alcohol a gallon. A gallon of beer is what he would have to drink to get to a blood alcohol 0.11& 0.12. That's unreasonable."

California criminal / drunk driving defense lawyer Magill said his client was in class just an hour before the California crash and could not have consumed so much alcohol. Jason Shirley is expected to testify on Tuesday. Soon after, the California drunk driving jury should begin deliberating. A guilty verdict could impact Shirley's NFL career.