Friday, May 23, 2008

California drunk driving news for upcoming holiday

California drunk driving lawyer news

May 23, 2008

While many people are traveling on Memorial Day weekend for a brief vacation, law enforcement will be working overtime to catch California drunk driving /dangerous drivers.

AAA said more than 2 million Southern California travelers will be driving to their holiday destination.

They said despite record-setting gas prices, holiday travel is only down one-tenth of 1 percent from 2007.

Since so many people will be hitting the streets again in 2008, the California Highway Patrol said they are going to be out looking for California drunk driving drivers, speeders, and people who aren't wearing their seat belts.

They said 37 people were killed in California collisions during Memorial Day weekend in 2007 and arrested more than 1,600 people for California drunk driving .

The Bakersfield Police Department will also be out in full force over the weekend looking for California drunk driving drivers.

They said that people who are on the roadways and who suspect someone is California drunk driving - under the influence should immediately call 911.

They said it is most helpful if people have a full description of the car or a license plate number to help them track down suspected California DUI drivers.