Monday, May 19, 2008

California drunk driving punishment info

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May 19, 2008

What is possible punishment for a first offense California DUI conviction?

The punishment for a first offense California DUI conviction varies by state. But typically at a minimum, could include a period of California drunk driving probation, a monetary fine, a drivers license suspension, public work service program, a court ordered alcohol class, community service, ignition interlock, MADD meeting, vehicle impound, trash detail, etc.

In some situations, the California DUI consequences may also include jail.

What is a standard punishment for a second offense CaliforniaDUI conviction?

The punishment for a second offense, California DUI conviction, varies and it would include probation, monetary fines and an alcohol program, as well as a license suspension and the above terms in more significant numbers.

However, the length of the license suspension typically is much longer in a second offence, and also most jurisdictions impose a minimum amount of jail time by the time a person reaches a second California drunk driving offense.

What is a punishment for a third or subsequent offense California DUI conviction?

What is the punishment if my California DUI results in serious injury to others?

What is the punishment if my California DUI results in the death of others?

If you drive under the influence and you cause an accident and that accident kills somebody, whether it be another motorist or a passenger in your car or a pedestrian, then you can be charged with either vehicular manslaughter or in some cases, with murder. If you are charged with murder, it's possible that you could go to prison for the rest of your life.

What is the punishment for California DUI if a minor is convicted?

If a minor is convicted of California DUI, and by minor I refer to somebody who is under 21, somebody below the drinking age, in court they are typically subject to the same standards and penalties as an adult would be. However, there is also in many states what is called a zero tolerance policy. What that means is that if a minor drives with any amount of alcohol in his system, even below a .08, he can be subject to a lengthy revocation of his driving privileges.

What is the procedure if the police arrest me for California DUI?

If the police arrest you for California DUI, the standard procedure is that they will handcuff you and transport you either to a hospital or a police station, where you would either give a breath test or blood test. You would then be booked. That means that you would be fingerprinted, they would take your booking photo, they would ask certain background questions and they would detain you, typically at least as long as it takes for you to sober up.

Many California DUI defense lawyers will tell you that even if you may have a little experience with the law, most California DUI defendants don't have the experience to know whether or not a California DUI case can be successfully defended.

Please do not assume you have to plead guilty. There are many factors at work in each and every California DUI case. A layperson only know some of them!