Sunday, May 11, 2008

California DUI Attorney Book List

California Drunk or Impaired DUI Law for the Public

California DUI Trial Notebook - (800) 262-1776
by Myles Berman

California law and strategy specifically written for California attorneys. Designed to be used directly in the courtroom, this unique looseleaf includes practical up-to-date coverage of: PRETRIAL MOTIONS: Motion for Pretrial Discovery, Motion to Suppress Evidence, Motions to Exclude PAS and HGN, Motions Excluding Arresting Officer's, Opinions and Conclusions, Motions Challenging Chemical Test Results, Motions to Exclude Chemical Test Refusal

California Drunk Driving Law - (800) 440-4780
by Ed Kuwatch, Paul Burglin, & Barry Simons

The enormous complexity of California drunk driving law has created meaningful opportunities for the educated and painful traps for the unwary. Wise guidance is essential. The best source of DUI wisdom has been written by Ed Kuwatch. Paul Burglin & Barry Simons continue the 1,148-page California Drunk Driving Law legacy.

California Drunk Driving Defense - (800) 344-5008
by Lawrence Taylor

The California procedure and approach in defense of a drunk driving case in California. Outlines what to anticipate and how to prepare for DUI/DWI pretrial and trial proceedings. Includes suggestions on methods to challenge the intoxilyzer and intoximeter as well as blood and urine analyses. Details sample cross-examinations and tasks for cross-examination of the chemical expert and the arresting officer. Information on sentencing and license suspension and revocation. Includes sample forms.

Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests (800) 440-4780
by Donald Bartell & Anne ImObersteg

Voir dire strategies, cross-examination questions, and science to help you convince the jury that your DUI case deserves an honest review - Question-by-question and argument-by-argument, Attacking and Supporting Drunk Driving Tests explains how to soften resolute juries by picking apart unyielding police reports and bulletproof lab reports - These courtroom-proven strategies are supported with understandable science in a coordinated trial attack that will leave the prosecution wondering how its formerly solid case became so weak - This winning approach to DUI trials is presented step-by-step, and is heavily-supported with pattern arguments, model cross-examinations, case law, science, and motions. The text is filled with helpful suggestions.

Medical-Legal Aspects of Alcohol, Fourth Edition (520) 323-1500
Editor: James C. Garriott Ph.D.

Alcohol-related litigation typically pertains to arrests of drinking drivers, but also includes industrial accidents, public transport accidents, and violent crimes. Even so, the medical and legal aspects of alcohol are complex topics due to many different components present in alcohol-related cases. This book covers many important topics including alcohol and the law, biochemistry of alcohol, physiology and alcohol, blood, urine, other fluid and tissue specimens for alcohol analyses, analysis for alcohol in postmortem specimens, computer tools for body alcohol evaluation, breath as a specimen for analysis for ethanol and other low molecular weigh alcohols. The wealth of information presented in this book makes it an invaluable resource when investigating and litigating cases involving alcohol.