Thursday, May 15, 2008

California DUI attorneys suggest Alco-Checkpoint, used in San Diego

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May 15, 2008

According to the federal government, every 30 minutes another person is killed in an alcohol-related vehicle crash. To help prevent California DUI / drunk driving accidents, some local bars are now offering a way for you to gauge your sobriety - before you get behind the wheel, California DUI attorney sources indicate.

It's called Alco-Checkpoint, and for $1 it's a quick way of gauging your sobriety before you leave the bar, California DUI attorneys advise.

San Diego resident Jonathan Ohana is behind the Alco-Checkpoint, which is currently available in five bars throughout the city, including the San Diego Sports Club.

Ohana says the California DUI - drunk driving death of a close friend five years ago inspired him to back the project, California DUI attorneys learned.

"Basically I wanted to get these machines out there so I can give people a second chance to make a better decision not to drive after drinking," he said.

Alco-Checkpoint is similar to the breathalyzer used by California DUI police officers. Ohana says he re-calibrates each machine twice a month to make sure the readings are accurate, according to California DUI attorneys.

"It has saved quite a number of people," he said.

Bar owner Tony Vee Theodore says so far Alco-Checkpoint is popular among some patrons who may have had one too many , per California DUI attorneys.

"It's definitely a benefit because it just gives people a gauge on how they are. A lot of people don't have that when they drink... they have a misconception of how really messed up they really are," he said.

But not everyone is taking the Alco-Checkpoint seriously.

"It looks more like a game," one bar patron told California DUI attorneys.

Theodore says some of the more "messed up" customers actually use the machine to see who can blow the highest blood-alcohol level, California DUI lawyers are told.

"Hopefully, those people would take it more seriously and focus on what it's really for - and that's keeping drunk driving off the road," Theodore said.

The results of Alco-Checkpoint are not stored or recorded for California DUI attorney purposes.

Keep in mind that you can still be arrested for driving under the influence, even if your blood-alcohol content is under .08 at the discretion of the California DUI officer, as California DUI attorneys tell folks.