Friday, May 23, 2008

California DUI checkpoint crackdown

California DUI attorney news

May 23, 2008

California DUI law enforcement agencies in Sonoma County are joining others in the state to crack down on California DUI - drunk driving during this Memorial Day weekend.

The California DUI county effort, Avoid the 13, began a minute after midnight today and ends at 11:59 p.m. Monday, California DUI lawyers learned.

There will be a California DUI sobriety checkpoint in Cotati at 7 p.m. today until midnight. Santa Rosa, Cotati and Cloverdale will conduct in-city California DUI patrols and the California Highway Patrol will assign nearly all available California DUI officers to the freeway patrol the entire weekend.

California DUI police are also encouraging motorists to report California DUI - drunk drivers by calling 911.

Santa Rosa police Sgt. Don Hasemeyer said California DUI police will be looking for tell-tale signs of California DUI - drunk driving including stopping for no reason, driving with headlights off, weaving, drifting and zigzagging and driving the wrong way in traffic, California DUI attorneys believe.

The California DUI Avoid the 13 is one of 40 countywide, interdepartmental campaigns in the state that involve 450 law enforcement agencies, California DUI lawyers understand.