Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cops bust Pilot for DUI - flying under the influence of alcohol

May 18, 2008

California DUI attorney news

California DUI police say a Santa Maria man is under arrest after they say he was flying drunk. Gregory Anderson, 57, of Santa Maria was arrested and booked for DUI while flying an airplane.

This California DUI - F happened just after 6:30 Wednesday night. Anderson was reportedly having trouble landing his Cesna 182. During the landing, some of the equipment was not functioning correctly causing the nose gear on the plane to collapse upon landing.

California DUI police say when they arrived on scene, Anderson was showing signs of being California DUI - under the influence of alcohol.

He failed a California DUI field sobriety test and was arrested. According to California DUI lawyers, a pilot convicted of an FUI faces imprisonment, fines and the loss of a pilot's license.