Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"DWD" Driving While Dogged to be a crime, akin to California DUI?

California DUI lawyer news story

May 6, 2008

How many times have California DUI attorneys' clients heard:
"Pull over and put down the dog". Not at all...at least not yet.

Should folks be allowed to have pets on their laps while driving?

Bill Maze's sponsorship of an Assembly bill prohibiting live animals from interfering with drivers, it takes only a moment to recognize that this road hazard is closely akin to drunk driving / California DUI.

Other driving distractions like cell phones, grooming aids and food can be dropped at will, California DUI atttorneys maintain. Animals are not so easily put off!

California DUI lawyers can only wish everyone took personal responsibility for the safety of others as seriously as personal convenience.

The bill passed the Assembly and goes to the State Senate.

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