Friday, May 23, 2008

Illegal Aliens & California DUI program

May 23, 2008

California DUI lawyers are told that some illegal aliens may have found a way to ensure they will never lose their driver's licenses for a California DUI even if they can't read.

California DUI attorneys are told repeat drunk driving offenders who are illiterate and who fail to produce proof of citizenship are receiving preferential treatment when they take classes to dismiss DUIs.

There are some clients who do not provide any Social Security numbers whatsoever, California DUI lawyer sources claim. When someone wants to have a schedule change, sometimes there's no Social Security number whatsoever.

Though some students with California DUI drunk driving offenses do not provide proper documentation, the program allows them to take the vcourse so they can have their driving privileges reinstated.

The program is not only for first-time California DUI offenders. Often times, people who have had two or three California DUI / drunk-driving offenses register for the California DUI classes.

There are some people who have gotten a California DUI, taken a course, gotten their license and gotten a DUI and repeated the whole process over again, California DUI lawyers understand.