Tuesday, June 10, 2008

California DUI checkpoint in Costa Mesa again: 0 for 2?

California DUI lawyers report that the Costa Mesa police, in collaboration with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, will be conducting a California DUI checkpoint Friday at 19th Street and Pomona Avenue, California DUI police said.

The California DUI checkpoint comes one week after a checkpoint on 19th Street and Pomona Avenue, California DUI lawyers claim.

During that California DUI checkpoint, police screened nearly 430 of the more than 1,000 cars passing through, said California DUI attorneys. Costa Mesa officers conducted 27 DUI investigations but made no arrests, California DUI lawyers said.

Ten cars were impounded, and 10 citations were issued for people driving with suspended or no licenses, California DUI criminal defense lawyers said.

The California DUI checkpoints are funded through California Office of Traffic Safety grants handed down throughout the state to remind the public to not drink and drive regardless of whether any California DUI arrests are made.

California DUI Police will have officers patrolling nearby streets during Friday’s checkpoint to stop impaired drivers from avoiding the California DUI checkpoint, California DUI lawyers warn.