Friday, June 20, 2008

California DUI penalties

California DUI convictions have serious consequences, including jail time, fines, probation and community service. However, California DUI have not only serious consequences, but penalties that have further unexpected consequences. California DUI penalties fall into the latter category.

California DUI sentences can include fines, probation, jail time, vehicle impound, ignition interlock, public service program, volunteer work, MADD and/or community service, but California DUI courts don’t stop there.

Here are some of the consequences individuals can face if they’re convicted for DUI:

1. Loss of license – This California DUI penalty has major consequences, because in a place like San Diego it amounts to being totally crippled. Driving to work, picking up children after school, meeting someone for a date or just driving to the grocery store are all prohibited until the suspension is fulfilled. First California DUI offenders can lose their license for up to six months.

2. Jail time – This is usually reserved for multiple California DUI convictions; for example, when Michelle Rodriguez, the former star of the show “Lost,” was arrested for DUI in Hawaii, she was already on probation in Los Angeles for a California DUI charge. This led to her having to serve jail time.

3. California DUI School – In an effort to help stem the tide of multiple California DUI convictions, the state enforces a First Offender School for those who are being charged with California DUI . Many of those arrested for California DUI in California have to go to First Offender School in order to get their licenses back, but the length of time required for attendance varies depending on the BAC percentages at the time of California DUI arrest. Whether or not the person has a history of alcoholism or not is irrelevant in these California DUI cases.

4. Sheriff Work Programs – Community service for California DUI charges can vary, and be sure it also depends on the California DUI judge presiding over the matter.

5. Insurance Consequences – In order to get your license back, you usually have to have proof of insurance. However, insurance companies will either hike up your premiums or reject coverage of you completely.