Tuesday, July 15, 2008

California Drunk Driving - DMV Defense Lawyer Rick Mueller

San Diego County DUI Law Center's California DUI Attorney Rick Mueller represents individuals accused of a California DUI - driving under the influence in both California DUI court and at the California DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles.

California DUI defense is all California DUI Defense Lawyer Rick Mueller does and he does it well.

California DUI Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller puts on record on his website so you can compare his results to any other firm your thinking of hiring to represent you in your California DUI case.

California DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Rick Mueller feels that when you compare his background, training and experience and the past California DUI - DMV results he has obtained on behalf of people who have placed their trust in our skills and abilities in the past, you will have no other decision than to hire California Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Rick Mueller as your legal representative for your California DUI - DMV matter.

Because California Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer Rick Mueller's reputation is at stake in every California DUI case, he handles the California DUI case as if it were his own.

Personal handling of every California DUI case is what insures the best possible result in California DUI court and at the California DMV.

California DUI Attorney Specialist Rick Mueller does not have a large firm of inexperienced, low-level attorneys handling the appearances like some of the California DUI lawyers and California DUI mills out there.
California DUI Lawyer Rick Mueller personally handles the case in California DUI court and at the California DMV.