Sunday, July 6, 2008

California DUI attorney information to view first

A California drunk driving lawyer knows that the law is very clear; a charge of California DUI is serious business. Here in California many California drunk driving arrests are made. So serious is the California DUI charge that you should never try to defend yourself in California drunk driving court for it. These California DUI cases can be very complex and can lead to extreme consequences. For instance, not only can you lose your license and suffer a hefty fine, but also you can have your vehicle towed and find yourself in jail, needing to post California DUI bail.

A Premier California DUI Attorney will have extensive knowledge of California State Law and the consequences of such a charge. California has numerous qualified DUI attorneys that can help defend you and in some cases may even have the California DUI charge removed from your record. A California DUI charged can be leave you filled with fear of the unknown, anxiety and exasperation in trying to get things cleared up.

How high was the blood alcohol level at the time of the stop or California DUI incident? Were there any children involved? How fast were you going? Was there any personal or property damage? Did you refuse to take a California DUI chemical test to determine the blood alcohol level?

These California DUI questions and many more will be asked of you by your California DUI Attorney to help prepare a California DUI defense for you and also to see if there may be the possibilities of California DUI charges being dropped. He may also asked how the California DUI arresting officer treated you and if any California DUI questions were asked of you before/if you had your Miranda rights given to you.

The California DUI police may have made mistakes right off the bat that could help the California DUI charges being dropped against you. Only a well-qualified and experienced California DUI attorney will know exactly how to proceed with your California DUI case. California DUI / Driving while under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances is a criminal offense in California. A California DUI may be viewed as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances. The California DUI penalties are based on various circumstances that were involved in the incident.

California DUI / Drunk driving is such a serious act that it has now been criminalized by the state of California in an effort to discourage people from drinking and driving. The charge of California DUI is serious. Seek legal help if you have been charged with it. California DUI / Drunk driving can cause grave damage to other people and the property damage amounts can be staggering. If there is a death involved the California DUI consequences are even more serious. If you have been drinking, call for a taxi or a friend for a ride home. The California DUI consequences are too high for a California DUI .

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence there is a very experienced California DUI /DWI attorney who is also recognized as a highly effective California DUI lawyer who can be reached at 1-800-THE-LAW-DUI.

When arrested for a California DUI - driving under the influence you will be tested. Careful because this can possibly lead to fines and the possibility of losing driving privileges with out the help of and experienced California DUI attorney. Visit today.