Monday, July 7, 2008

California DUI Checkpoint news 4th of July update

California DUI attorneys report that more than 134 drunk drivers were arrested throughout San Bernardino County this Fourth of July weekend. Throughout the county AVOID task forces in 25 cities participated in extra patrols and checkpoints, from which another 20 to 30 arrests are expected to be registered for Sunday, said California DUI lawyers.

“It was a pretty calm Fourth of July here in the Victor Valley with no crashes or major incidents,” California DUI lawyers said. While the numbers are still coming in, Mattke said he projects about 20 California DUI arrests were made in the Victor Valley.

The next major California DUI push will be the Summer Mobilization from mid-August through Labor Day. They expect to use $70,000 to $80,000 in overtime, said Mattke.

“It used to be just Labor Day weekend, but we’re stretching it out to lower accidents with more saturation and more California DUI checkpoints. You need both for a program like that to work.”

According to California DUI lawyers in Newhall area, it was a busy holiday weekend for the CHP, who arrested 32 people for driving under the influence over the four-day Fourth of July enforcement period.
“The Maximum Enforcement Period started at 6 p.m. Thursday, the third and ended at midnight on the Fourth,” said Officer John Lutz of the CHP Newhall office. “It’s hard to compare to last year, when the holiday was in the middle of a week and there were only 6 DUI arrests. Having a long weekend like this may have made a difference.”

Asked if the amount of arrests indicated an increase in the incidents of drunk driving, Lutz said “It’s certainly not going away.”

There was also one fatality reported over the weekend. Alvaro Rodriguez, 38, was found dead behind the wheel of a burned-out car on the Golden State Freeway just south of Smokey Bear Road. It was not determined whether alcohol was involved or if Rodriguez succumbed to injuries from an accident that preceded the fire.