Friday, July 4, 2008

California DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints over holidays

California DUI lawyers report that beginning tonight and lasting until Monday, Southland law enforcement agencies will target California DUI - drunk drivers over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

To ensure that holiday revelers arrive alive, local police, Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol officers will conduct California DUI / Drunk Driving sobriety checkpoints and extra patrols throughout the Los Angeles County and the rest of the state, according to California DUI lawyers.

The Los Angeles County “Avoid Task Force” comprises multiple local California DUI / Drunk Driving law enforcement agencies working together to reduce the number of vehicle crashes due to impaired driving reports California DUI lawyers.

Last year during the Fourth of July holiday period, 24 people in California died and 581 people were injured in California DUI / Drunk Driving / drinking-related accidents, per California DUI attorneys.

A California DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoint in Beverly Hills is scheduled for today, and extra patrols will be in Venice, Redondo Beach, Pomona, South Pasadena, Claremont, Long Beach, Huntington Park, Vernon, San Fernando, Compton and Malibu, among other areas, according to California DUI lawyers.

Motorists who see California DUI - drunk drivers should call 911 to report them, and people who get drunk should have someone drive for them.

The Fourth of July weekend tradition is something no one looks forward to: California DUI / Drunk Driving / drunken-driving arrests, according to California DUI lawyers.

Beginning at 6:01 p.m. Thursday and ending at midnight Sunday, various law enforcement entities will be utilizing all available California DUI / Drunk Driving officers during what they label a "Maximum (California DUI / Drunk Driving )Enforcement Period," per California DUI attorneys.

The California Highway Patrol reported that last year 18 people lost their lives to crashes during the Fourth of July holiday season, while 568 others were arrested for California DUI / Drunk Driving, hear California DUI lawyers.

California DUI lawyers say heavy holiday traffic is potential for dangerous California DUI / Drunk Driving collisions.

California DUI / Drunk Driving Enforcement

So, in order to ensure the safety of others and to decrease as much as possible, those driving under the influence or recklessly are taken off the road, California DUI lawyers hear.

California DUI lawyers said the city will be participating in a maximum DUI enforcement detail during the Fourth of July weekend.

Although a 0.08 blood alcohol level constitutes a DUI, California DUI lawyers said that does not mean those under that limit will not be considered to be driving under the influence. In addition, California DUI / Drunk Driving officers are trained to spot drug use, be it illegal or prescribed medications such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs. And any driver deemed to be impaired will be arrested per California DUI attorneys.

So avoid driving if any alcohol is consumed and utilize sober designated drivers, California DUI / Drunk Driving lawyers said.

California DUI / Drunk Driving attorneys encourage drivers to contact a law enforcement agency should they spot someone they believe to be intoxicated on the roadway, according to California DUI lawyers.