Wednesday, July 30, 2008

California DUI tips re: probable caue, lawful arrest

California DUI lawyers remind that California DUI police officers in California must have probable cause or reasonable suspicion that a person is driving under the influence before they can be asked to pull over.

A California DUI officer may be able to suspect that a person is impaired by alcohol or drugs if he/she is engaging in uncharacteristic driving behaviors. These uncharacteristic California DUI behaviors may or many not include disobeying traffic signals, making irregular stops, speeding and swerving.

California DUI attorneys will tell you that if you were asked to pull over because of a DUI suspicion in San Diego, California, you actually do not have to consent to California DUI field sobriety tests.

In many California DUI cases, a California DUI police officer would not tell you of your right to refuse to submit to the field sobriety tests. But it could be in your best interest not to consent to these California DUI tests because they tend to be inaccurate and you are not obligated by law to do California DUI field sobriety tests.

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