Friday, July 4, 2008

Ex-cop charged with Felony California DUI despite no BAC test

A former San Jose police officer has been charged with felony California DUI / drunk driving more than three months after California DUI police failed to test her for intoxication after a car accident.

California DUI police and the Santa Clara County district attorneys office asked the state's attorney's office to handle the California DUI case after realizing their own inquiries into 39-year-old Sandra Woodall's accident investigation posed a potential conflict of interest. Woodall is now a district attorney investigator.

State prosecutors have not said whether Woodall's ties to the department—her husband is a sergeant and father-in-law a former lieutenant—influenced the decision not to test her blood for alcohol after the March 25 multi-car accident. No one was seriously injured in the crash, according to California DUI attorneys.

San Jose police Sgt. Michael Sullivan says command staff are concerned that the incident may not have been handled properly and are also looking into it. If the officers are found to have given Woodall special treatment they could be fired, per California DUI lawyers.