Friday, July 4, 2008

Paris Hilton's brother, Barron arrested on California DUI charges

California DUI police busted Paris Hilton’s 18-year old brother, Barron Hilton, on charges of driving under the influence and carrying a fake driver’s license.

According to California DUI lawyers, Hilton was driving a black Mercedes E350 (DAI) erratically on the Pacific Coast Highway when he allegedly hit another car as well as a gas station attendant. The driver of the other vehicle then called police and Barron was arrested just after 8:00 a.m. when he failed a California DUI field sobriety test and registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.14 percent. The California legal limit for a person over 21 is .08 percent, but for a person under 21 any blood-alcohol level is considered legally drunk, California DUI attorneys say.

“You’re going to learn your lesson,” Paris, who did jail time for an alcohol-related driving case in 2007, reportedly told her brother when he called for bail. Barron then spent most of the day in jail before friends posted his $20,000 bail through a bondsman around 5:45 pm. Whitmore said Barron's bail was $20,000 because he is now facing a felony charge of possessing a forged California driver's license in addition to misdemeanor DUI. An arraignment is scheduled for April 14.

Being pulled over after a social night out can be an awkward experience. California DUI legal experts suggest one thing Barron could have done was to mind his manners.

But being polite does not mean you have to forgo your rights, California DUI lawyers remind. After presenting identification, everyone has a constitutional right to respectfully decline to answer any questions. In most states, anyone over the age of 21 also has the right to decline a field sobriety test. A California DUI field sobriety test is subjective and can only hurt you and will not help you in any circumstance, California DUI attorneys proclaim.

However, once at the police station a California DUI blood-alcohol test will be required. Refusal to participate in this test can come with added California DUI consequences. California DUI attorneys who specialize in DUI cases, suggest that often, anything short of “yes” gives the state the chance to prosecute the arrested for refusal as well as a California DUI. A California DUI refusal can carry separate penalties and suspensions.

If California DUI blood-alcohol tests come back above state legal limits, an arraignment date will be scheduled and a California DUI lawyer should be hired for further proceedings. In California, whether it is a first, second or third California DUI offense and any additional evidence in the California DUI case, fines, suspensions and jail time will vary.