Thursday, August 14, 2008

California DUI trial outline

California DUI defense lawyers point out that a California DUI trial has elements.

The first phase on California DUI trial would typically be the submission of pre-trial motions.

The next California DUI stage would be the jury selection, where 12 impartial jury members are chosen. During this California DUI stage, both sides engage in the examination of prospective jurors, to each individual’s suitability for jury service.

After the California DUI jury has been selected, both sides would give opening statements which is an opportunity for the California DUI defense lawyer and the California DUI prosecutor to give a preview of what is to come in the California DUI case.

After the California DUI trial's opening statements, both sides would engage in the examination and cross examination of prosecution California DUI witnesses and experts and the examination and cross examination of defense witnesses and experts.

Both sides would engage in closing arguments once all of the witnesses have testified. This will be a summary by each California DUI attorney of the California DUI case that has been presented to the jury.

The next stage of the California DUI trial would be the jury deliberations and, finally, the verdict.

A California DUI defendant be sentenced if he will be found guilty for the California DUI charge. Keep in mind that defendants in California DUI cases can prevail at trial.