Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Checkpoints for California DUI drivers

California DUI defense lawyer update

In an effort to further crack down on California DUI drunk drivers, police departments all over the Sacramento region are coordinating multiple California DUI Drunk Driving checkpoints starting this weekend.

The California DUI saturation began Friday night, with an unusual twist at the Sacramento-Placer County line. On one side, Citrus Heights police set-up the checkpoint in one direction of Auburn Boulevard. Just across the county line less than one block away, Roseville police established its own California DUI checkpoint for traffic heading the opposite direction.

"It's not just isolated to any one city in our region. It's regionwide, it's statewide, it's nationwide. it affects all our families," explained Citrus Heights Police Sgt. Eric Mattke.

Rancho Cordova also set-up a California DUI checkpoint on Folsom Boulevard west of Sunrise Friday night, with Sacramento and Elk Grove police planning their own for Saturday night.

"It's mostly about education, reminding people about the danger and the cost of a DUI," said Sgt. Jerry Lane of the Rancho Cordova Police Department. "If we can take a few drunk drivers off the road while we're out here at a DUI checkpoint, that's all the better."

In Citrus Heights, police made one California DUI arrest, two arrests for outstanding warrants, and impounded six vehicles within the first hour of their operation. Cars are towed not just when the driver is suspected of California DUI , but also if he or she is found driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Near the California DUI checkpoints, police also stage several motorcycle officers in the area to go after anyone who tries to run through or recklessly avoid the California DUI checkpoint although there is case law which states motorists should be able to avoid the California DUI checkpoints.

California DUI police are all over the region, including Yolo, Solano and Placer counties, and vow maximum California DUI enforcement targeting DUI's from now through the traditional end of summer on Labor Day weekend.

The California DUI goal is not just to funnel California DUI drunk drivers into a lane where officers check their pupils and smell their breath. It's also to pass out educational materials and put everyone on alert that California DUI - drunk driving won't be tolerated.

Even without an accident or injury involving, a California DUI / drunk driving conviction can cost the driver $12,000 in fines, fees and increased insurance. It usually means 24 to 48 hours in jail and three years probation as well.

Traffic experts claim highly visible California DUI enforcement can cut alcohol related fatalities by 20 percent. They point to those efforts as one reason DUI fatalities dropped 5.2 percent nationwide in 2007, the first decrease since 1998.

The statistics continue to be staggering, however. In 2006, California reported 1597 alcohol related deaths. The nationwide toll for that same year was nearly 13,500.

The California Office of Traffic Safety is provides grant funding for the maximum California DUI enforcement effort. Federal funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are also provided, according to California DUI attorneys.