Monday, September 29, 2008

Heather Locklear busted for California DUI

California DUI attorneys report - Actress Heather Locklear was arrested over the weekend in California, on suspicion of California DUI - driving under the influence of some type of prescription medication.

She was pulled over in Santa Barbara, California over the weekend after a civilian called 911 on the actress.

She was allegedly said to be driving erratically, without any real control over the car.

Locklear, 47- was arrested for California DUI and taken to the police station.

She was tested for alcohol and drugs, and was later released. It is unknown whether the unidentified civilian was also tested.

California DUI reports from the California Highway Patrol claim that she was under the influence of something, funny thing is they just do not know what at this point.

She allgedly has been suffering from anxiety, as well as depression over recent months. With the economy and W. still in there, who wouldn't be depressed.

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