Friday, September 19, 2008 California DUI cops lie

California DUI police do not always tell the truth! This is a sad realization that happens more than one would think. As California DUI criminal defense attorneys, we see it all the time.

Some examples of police dishonesty that we come across include police lying to suspects during interrogations in order to get them to talk, inaccurate and/or erroneous police reports, etc.

In Los Angeles, the dishonesty of the LAPD has resulted in the dismissal of two high profile criminal cases over the last few months. In one of the cases, a LAPD detective was caught lying after being presented with radio recordings that contradicted his testimony about a stakeout. This forced the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office to dismiss an attempted murder case last month against an individual who had been in custody for 3 years fighting these charges!

What this case shows is that if you believe the California DUI police have been dishonest during the investigation of your California DUI / Drunk Driving case, chances are, you might be right!

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