Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday night California DUI checkpoint California State Northridge, Concord, Martinez areas

California DUI criminal defense attorneys are told California State Northridge’s police department and members of the California Highway Patrol will join forces to conduct a California DUI sobriety checkpoint on Thursday, Sept. 25, in an effort to target California DUI drunk drivers.

The California DUI checkpoint is the first of several endeavors on behalf of the university police department and Klotz Student Health Care Center to draw attention to the dangers of drinking and driving. A second California DUI checkpoint is scheduled for next spring along with a driving vehicle simulator brought to campus.

“This academic year we are partnering with the CHP to conduct checkpoints with a simulator vehicle that will enact delayed response time due to alcohol impairment,” said Capt. Alfredo Fernandez. “By providing a balance of enhanced enforcement and education to the community, we hope to reduce the number of drivers under the influence.”

Partially funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety, the goal of the California DUI checkpoints is to reduce accidents related to California DUI drunk driving, said Marianne Link, assistant director of health promotion for the Klotz Center.

“We want to make sure our students and community are safe and healthy,” she said. “Sobriety checkpoints play a key role in this effort.”

California Highway Patrol officers will hold a DUI checkpoint Thursday in unincorporated Martinez, while Concord police will conduct a saturation patrol along a major arterial route the same day.

The CHP will conduct its checkpoint from 9 p.m. Thursday to 3 a.m. Friday along Pacheco Boulevard. In addition to checking for possible intoxication, officers will be checking motorists for valid driver's licenses.

The Concord saturation patrol will be held along Clayton Road on Thursday, from downtown to Ygnacio Valley Road, as well as other major roads, police said.

Drivers caught speeding, running red lights, or talking on their cell phones without a handless device will be ticketed, as will anyone caught not wearing a seatbelt.