Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be careful Halloween & no California DUI / drunk driving!

California DUI criminal defense lawyers at www.SanDiegoDUIhelp.com/duiblog and California Drunk Driving criminal defense attorneys at www.SanDiegoDrunkDrivingAttorney.net/articles warn of Halloween DUI precautions.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is warning motorists to avoid getting caught up in a California DUI / drunk driving nightmare this Halloween weekend.

When partying takes to the roadways, too often the result is tragic, say California DUI / drunk driving criminal defense attorneys at www.SanDiegodui.com.

Death is the most significant and obvious consequence of California DUI / drunk driving , but a host of other nightmares also can occur, according to California DUI / drunk driving criminal defense lawyers.

Getting arrested for California DUI / drunk driving can cost drunk drivers between thousands of dollars in expenses, revocation of their driver’s license and possible jail time.

If you will be driving on Halloween, make sure you and all your passengers are buckled up and that only non-drinking drivers get behind the wheel.

Another issue, as people prepare to turn the clocks back one hour for Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, Nov. 2, is pedestrian safety.

Halloween is an exciting event for children, but streets are dark and traffic is heavy. While children are putting on their costumes, parents should remind them about basic pedestrian safety – stay with parents or a group, cross at the corner and check for traffic before crossing the street.

Motorists also need to be aware of children running from house to house, California DUI / drunk driving lawyers remind.

The safest approach is for parents to accompany their children as they go from house to house, California DUI / drunk driving attorneys warn.

California DUI / drunk driving attorneys recommend folks to carry a flashlight to illuminate the sidewalks and alert motorists. Parents also should take precautions to ensure costumes are safe and that their child’s vision is not obscured.

This day can be a time of fun and fantasy for children. Don’t let it turn into a tragedy. Take safety along with you as you go from door to door, California DUI / drunk driving criminal defense attorneys at www.SanDiegoDUIlawyer.com emphasize.