Friday, October 24, 2008

Before you Drive Drunk, DUI or DWI - Five Things to Consder

Before You Drive – 5 Things to Consider

Regardless of the name you apply to the situation—DUI or DWI—either one is serious enough to affect your life in a number of ways. Next time you are out having fun, consider the ways a DUI or DWI can affect your life as well as the lives of people you care about. Before you get yourself into this situation, take a moment to consider the ramifications of your actions. You may end up ultimately saving yourself a lot of time and trouble in the process.

You Are Endangering Others When You Drive Drunk

There is no excuse to put others in harm’s way because you want to get home or somewhere else under the influence of alcohol. Plain and simple, you are rolling the dice with other’s lives which is unfair and irresponsible. The next time you even consider getting behind the wheel after drinking, think about the worst that could happen—killing an innocent person. Do you still want to drive?

Criminal Record

When you get arrested, you go to jail. The public is notified about your transgression and you may end up doing further jail time if you are unable to meet the financial demands as well as the probationary demands laid out by the judge. Having a criminal record could seriously hamper and impede your future, making certain types of careers impossible to you if arrested or convicted of drunk driving.

Your Current Employer

Some employers may understand if you miss work because you are in jail. Most employers, however, are far less forgiving and you will most likely lose your current job for absenteeism. Perhaps you were able to get to work on time and no one found out about your little slip-up. Don’t hold your breath; your employer will find out about your arrest and action may be taken, depending on what your job requires of you. If you drive a vehicle for a living, start looking for a new career; it doesn’t matter how long you have been driving—all that matters now is that you messed up.

Financial Implications

Not only can drunk driving affect both current and future employment prospects, but it is a very expensive and time-consuming process that will leave you drained in more ways than one. Count on spending thousands of dollars for a mistake that could have been resolved with a cab ride costing less than $100.

Is it Really Worth the Risk?

Any investor will tell you, taking a risk is only worth it if you could get something of much greater value in return. For obvious reasons, this is not the case with drinking and driving. Just get a ride or take a cab; you’ll feel better knowing you made the right decision.

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