Saturday, October 11, 2008

California DUI case fixer looking at 8 years, per California DUI criminal defense attorneys at

California DUI criminal defense attorneys at report that a California man was convicted Friday in connection with his role in a DUI records-altering scheme.

Hector Whitley was convicted on 10 felony counts involving conspiracy, secreting and destroying court records, and making fraudulent computer entries in seven DUI cases, California DUI criminal defense attorneys at said.

Former Sacramento Superior Court clerk Fernando Catlin, the co-defendant, was assigned to enter data relating to active California Drunk Driving / DUI cases.

Whitley was identified as the person who offered to arrange for the dismissals through Catlin in return for money, California DUI criminal defense attorneys at are told.

Investigators linked seven false case dismissals to court orders and computer entries made by Catlin, California DUI criminal defense attorneys at learned.

Catlin was sentenced in August to five years in state prison while Whitley faces up to eight years in state prison, according to California DUI criminal defense lawyers at

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