Friday, October 10, 2008 California DUI news stories: bus driver uninsured, Jane pleas

California DUI criminal defense attorneys heard the driver of the bus that crashed and killed eight people near Williams last weekend was not insured. That's just one of the new details revealed in the ongoing investigation into the deadly crash that injured more than 30 people. The driver of the bus, 52-year-old Quintin Watts, got the driving job because he was the stepson of the bus owner, 68-year-old Daniel Cobb, who was killed in the rollover accident, according to California DUI criminal defense attorneys at

Cobb reportedly hired his stepson as a favor last week. Sunday's trip to Colusa Casino was Watts' first behind the wheel of the bus, and he did not have a license to drive more than ten passengers, per California DUI criminal defense attorneys. He was driving a group of senior citizens from Sacramento to the casino for a night of gambling. Watts was arrested for California DUI.

California DUI criminal defense attorneys at also report an actor Cuts Deal After California DUI in Kern County: Thomas Jane receives probation in CA drunk driving incident.

Thomas Jane was sentenced to one year probation after pleading no contest to driving under the influence in California. The star of ‘Punisher’ was arrested after a traffic stop in Shafter, California last March after doing 120 mph in his Maserati and facing mandatory 60 days custody if convicted. Jane must also pay a fine and enroll in an alcohol education program, per California DUI criminal defense attorneys at

In exchange for the plea involving the misdemeanor drunk driving offense, the prosecution dropped charges of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and having a blood-alcohol content above the legal limit. Jane, 39, had two outstanding speeding tickets from earlier in the year in Kern County that were also resolved, according to California DUI criminal defense lawyers at