Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat safety tips from a California DUI Criminal Defense Attorney

California DUI criminal defense attorneys who write for and California Drunk Driving criminal defense lawyers at pass on that the Petaluma Police Department offers safety tips to adults and children for trick or treating on Halloween.

• Parents and guardians should inspect commercially wrapped treats for signs of tampering, including unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pin holes and tears in wrappers. Homemade candies and baked goods should be discarded unless the person giving the treat is known.

• Young children always should be accompanied by an adult or older, responsible child. If children go out after dark, they should wear brightly colored costumes that will be easily visible to passing motorists. Children should walk, not run, to houses and use sidewalks. If they need to use the street, they should look both ways and check for vehicles before entering the roadway. Children should not run into traffic, and should be especially cautious if they are wearing a dark costume. If possible, they should attempt to cross the street at intersections, not in the middle of the block.

• Adults should drive slowly and be cautious, especially in residential neighborhoods where children are present. They should be cautious and use proper signals when driving, and try to take main roads instead of side streets. If possible, adults should conduct their business during daylight hours.

The police department also advises motorists to watch for children darting out from between parked cards and walking on roadways. Also, when driving, they should be sure to enter and exit driveways carefully. Slow down.

Since Halloween falls on a weekend, when partying takes place, police remind partygoers to use a designated driver whenever necessary.

Additional officers will be working on the streets.

“Drunk driving is the top priority for the police, the California Highway Patrol and sheriff deputies in Sonoma County, but other motorists on roads are one of the best weapons we have against drunk drivers,” said Sgt. Ken Savano. “We’re asking the public to report drunk drivers by calling 911. “Then, provide the location, direction of travel and a complete description of the vehicle. This will help patrol units find the drunk drivers and get them off the road.”

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