Wednesday, December 3, 2008

California DUI 3 week crackdown coming

California DUI 3 week crackdown coming for drivers in Monterey County will have to slow down, stay focused and not drink or do drugs before getting behind the wheel this month, as the annual "Avoid the 18" crackdown returns to the roads.

The three-week holiday run starts Dec. 12, say California DUI criminal defense lawyers.

“All law enforcement agencies in the county have planned increased DUI enforcement for the winter holidays,” California DUI criminal defense lawyers say. “Cell phones and sharp eyes are all that the public needs to help us keep impaired menaces off the road.”

Police in Monterey County made 82 DUI arrests over the same three-week period last year. No one died at the hands of a drunk or drugged driver.

Saturday night, Dec. 19, will see checkpoints in King City and Soledad.

California State University-Monterey Bay, Carmel, Salinas, Marina and Monterey police will run extensive DUI saturation patrols. The California Highway Patrol’s Monterey and King City offices will flood the freeways over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. King City and Soledad police also plan warrant strike teams.

Here’s how the public can help to take impaired drivers off the road before they hurt or kill themselves, someone they love or an innocent stranger:

“If you see a driver who’s all over the road, swerving, straddling the center line or driving into traffic going the other way, please call 911 on your cell phone," California DUI criminal defense lawyers say. "You can also watch for cars driving much too fast or much too slow, those that screech to a halt at a stop sign or stop light, or those driving at night with their headlights off or with their blinkers on all the time.

“When you call, the dispatcher will want to know which way you’re driving and where you are, and will ask for the description of the other car and its license plate. You can remain anonymous.

“The police will get that information, and believe me, we’ll be out after them in a flash. You’ll be doing a real service to your community,” according to California DUI criminal defense lawyers.

Here are additional details on enforcement plans:

• King City police plan a sobriety checkpoint sometime during the campaign with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office and CHP. They will also send out warrants units and will field an extra patrol unit to focus on DUI enforcement, per California DUI criminal defense attorneys.

• Police at California State University, Monterey Bay, plan to have additional DUI officers working every night of the campaign, California DUI criminal defense lawyers are told.

• Marina police will run DUI saturation patrols on two weekends, Dec. 19 and 20 and Dec. 26 and 27, along with New Year’s Eve from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. “The officers will be assigned in four individual patrol units, so they can generate more contacts with the public,” according to California DUI criminal defense lawyers sources.

• Salinas police have set saturation patrols for Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the first two weeks of the campaign, according to California DUI criminal defense attorneys.

• Sand City police will assist other departments with sobriety checkpoints, according to California DUI criminal defense lawyers, and will serve DUI warrants.

• Soledad police plan DUI saturation patrols on Friday, Dec. 12, DUI warrant enforcement details during the campaign. A sobriety checkpoint on Friday, Dec. 19, on Front Street between p.m. to 2 a.m. is scheduled along with extra DUI patrols on New Year’s Eve, according toCalifornia DUI criminal defense lawyers
There are similar countywide Avoid campaigns in 41 of California’s counties, covering 98 percent of the state, each named for the number of law enforcement agencies in that county and funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Last year marked the first time in 10 years that alcohol-related fatalities declined in California, emphasized California DUI criminal defense lawyers.

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