Sunday, December 14, 2008

California dui guy calls cops on himself, then takes off

California dui criminal defense lawyers are asked about Drunk Dialing or using your cell phone when done drinking, while driving.

Drinking and driving can be dumb, and we all know that making phone calls while intoxicated can also lead to disastrous results if not a California dui arrest.

Of course, California dui drivers who lead cops on chases are just foolishly delaying the inevitable. One silly fella did all of the above last night on the freeways of Southern California, and added in a bonus police chase for good measure.

First, he called the cops to them them know he was driving drunk, essentially guilty of a California dui. Then, when they arrived and tried to pull him over, he took off, and led them on an hour-long pursuit, starting in Orange County, and eventually ending in Corona, "after officers rolled out a spike strip on the westbound 91 Freeway," according California dui defense attorneys.

When the California dui suspect (and his own informant) was arrested. Luckily nobody was hurt. Also, no word on whether the man was also cited for talking on a cellphone while driving--that's been illegal in California, according to California dui. For your best San Diego California DUI defense attorney strategy and to vigorously protect your important driving privilege, as has been done for many good people who necessarily become San Diego California DUI Clients.
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