Saturday, December 6, 2008

California information for a DUI arrest, DMV steps in California

California DUI / DMV Attorney Rick Mueller specializes in California DUI and
DMV law.

California DUI Lawyer Specialist Rick Mueller is the only DMV - DUI attorney who was the featured Speaker at seven California DUI seminars in San Diego County California in the last several years.

At an 8th California DUI seminar, California Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller recently spoke at the California Attorneys For Criminal Justice annual DUI seminar in Rancho Mirage, California: . The California criminal defense lawyers who attended indicated to the President of the California DUI Lawyers Association that California DUI criminal defense lawyer Rick Mueller's presentation and materials were excellent. Rick has been asked to speak again. California DUI Lawyer Rick Mueller is known as the "DMV Guru" by the Bar Association.

Specially recognized as a Contributor to the California Drunk Driving Law book, he is now the San Diego California DUI Editorial Consultant for the most comprehensive reference book for California DUI law. Known as California's bible for DUI defense, the book features some of California DUI attorney Rick Mueller's hard work.

California drunk driving lawyer Rick Mueller is a Specialist Member of the California DUI Attorneys Association (formerly the Association of California Deuce Defenders). He is also a member of the National College for DUI Defense and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

California Drunk Driving / DUI Attorney Rick Mueller speaks at Strategies in Handling DUI Cases seminars, at the DUI & Drug Defense seminar at the San Diego Bar Building, at the North San Diego County Bar Association's Drunk Driving - DMV seminars, and at the Public Defender's Office DMV - DUI Training seminars. His DMV - DUI work is also featured in the Association of California Deuce Defenders' materials. Since 1983, DUI Lawyer Rick Mueller has actively defended these cases. California DUI Attorney Rick Mueller is in Good Standing with the State Bar.