Monday, February 9, 2009

California DUI criminal defense lawyers explain new California DUI .01 zero tolerance law

California DUI criminal defense lawyers and California drunk driving criminal defense attorneys at explain how California DUI Probation Prevents Driver From Having Any Alcohol in System.

Without An Experienced California DUI Criminal Defense Attorney, Driver’s On Probation For A DUI In California May Lose Their License Under New California DUI Law, If Found To Be Driving With Any Measurable Level Of Alcohol In Their System:

Under previous California DUI law, the Department of Motor Vehicles or the California Courts will typically suspend the driver’s driving privilege for up to a year on a first time DUI, and place the driver on probation. DUI offenders who are placed on probation are prohibited from driving with any measurable amount of alcohol in their blood, and are required to submit to a preliminary alcohol screening test if asked to do so by an law enforcement officer. If that person is subsequently found to be driving with a blood alcohol level under the legal limit, an ensuing suspension of driving privileges would not occur. A suspension of the driver’s license would only occur if the person was convicted of a second DUI. A subsequent California DUI conviction would require driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.

As of 2009, California law creates new California DUI legal authority for the DMV to administratively suspend driving privileges for one year if the driver is found with any level of alcohol in their system. This new California DUI law follows California’s zero tolerance standard. The new California DUI law authorizes law enforcement to issue a notice of suspension and impound the driver’s vehicle.

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