Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's almost $400,000 Napa County, to fight California DUI cases

Sometimes California DUI criminal defense lawyers and California drunk driving defense attorneys can't believe how much money is given to California DUI police enforcement.

Building on recent successes, the “Avoid the 9” taskforce will bring more traffic enforcement to Napa County. New equipment purchases and special traffic enforcement measures are on tap as a result of a recent $372,688 three-year grant awarded by the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to the Napa Police Department, which will administer the grant for the entire county.

“Avoid the 9” sends the message that if you don’t drink and drive, you will avoid arrest by the nine participating law enforcement agencies in the county. Grant activities will target DUI offenders, drivers with suspended or revoked licenses and repeat DUI offenders with warrants or on probation-parole.

DUI/Driver’s License checkpoints, special multi-agencies DUI Task Force enforcement operations, local DUI saturation patrols, warrant/probation sweeps and court sting operations will be utilized.

Funding for the grant comes from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

How can you find a qualified California DUI Lawyer ?

Various types of lawyers handle California drunk driving cases, including public defenders, general practitioners, criminal defense lawyers, and California DUI Specialist attorneys.

A California public defender is a California attorney provided at little or no cost to provide defense services to people who financially are unable to hire a private California lawyer. Most California County Districts generally do not offer public defenders services unless you are unemployed, significantly under-employed and/or have no assets.

Some excellent questions to begin asking when searching for a California DUI lawyer are:

What are his or her California DUI attorney's qualifications?

Is he or she a Specialist member of the California DUI Lawyers Association?

Is he or she a member of the National College for DUI Defense?

Whether or not you ultimately end up hiring a California DUI Specialist attorney, it is a smart idea to speak to a California DUI Specialist lawyer in this highly complex field.

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