Monday, March 9, 2009

Hit some cars with a Pitbull & combative Son striking CHP cop? Prepare for Taser & California DUI charges!

California DUI criminal defense attorneys heard today about a person in custody Sunday after an attack on a California Highway Patrol officer.

California DUI cops said the incident occurred on eastbound Interstate 80 near the Auburn Boulevard off-ramp at about 1 p.m. Sunday.

CHP said the California DUI officer responded to a phone call reporting a reckless driver had sideswiped two vehicles on Capitol City Freeway.

Police said the suspect vehicle became disabled and pulled over to the side of the road. The man identified as 60-year-old Junius Tillman, his son and a pit bull dog began walking along the side of the freeway when they were approached by California DUI authorities.

Tillman's son became combative and struck the CHP officer, police said. Another CHP officer came up on the scene and ordered the man to stop. The officer fired a Taser at the son and was eventually taken into custody.

He was transported to Sutter Roseville Hospital. A Mercy San Juan Hospital representative said the officer was transported to Mercy San Juan Hospital for treatment. Police said the Tillman was taken into custody and charged with California Drunk Driving / DUI violation. One of the two involved is a parolee. Animal control came out and took the pit bull. Maybe the California State Prison folks will also come out.

To avoid being lasered or convicted of a California DUI