Friday, April 17, 2009

Full Force California DUI enforcementin Solano County while MADD presents Award for Most California DUI Arrests (NOT Convictions)!

Gung ho California DUI arrests to continue, according to attorneys seen on video. The Solano County AVOID the 10 DUI task force will be out in force this weekend in search of impaired drivers in Suisun City.

The "Drunk Driving! Over the Limit! Under Arrest!" California DUI operation kicks off Friday and ends Saturday. The California DUI task force reminds everyone who plans on drinking alcohol this weekend to plan ahead by designating a sober driver before heading out for the evening. The AVOID the 10 DUI enforcement campaign is funded by a California DUI grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

See the California DUI video.

Lake County's own Team California DUI will be picking up another award this weekend for its efforts to combat underage drinking, and drinking and driving.

On Saturday, members will travel to Sacramento to receive the “Heart of MADD” award, offered by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, at the Statewide Law Enforcement & Community Recognition Dinner.

Team DUI, founded in 2007, includes numerous local citizens, community leaders and officials who have held student assemblies, shared their stories and worked to educate the community about the dangers of mixing drugs and alcohol with driving.

Team members Judy Thein, Clearlake Police Chief Allan McClain, Capt. Russell Perdock of the Lake County Sheriff's Office and California Highway Patrol Officer Adam Garcia will accept the prestigious award. Thein reported that it's the first time a Lake County group has received the California DUI award.

MADD State Executive Director Matthias Mendezona indicated that nominations for the California DUI award were submitted from California DUI MADD affiliates and California DUI community action sites, California DUI law enforcement agencies and other California DUI partners around California: You were selected to receive this California DUI because of your commitment to MADD's mission and your involvement with the California DUI law enforcement community.

Team DUI's members are honored to have MADD California show their appreciation for the team's work in the California DUI fight against drinking and driving – with the focus on underage drinking.

She said a MADD California official told her that Team DUI is what the Heart of California DUI MADD award is all about.

Team California DUI has received several accolades for its efforts, including a 2008 County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators Association of California Prevention Award, and the 2008 Stars of Lake County Award for best idea, as Lake County News has reported. Last October, Congressman Mike Thompson honored the team with special recognition during a visit to Clearlake. Thein, whose daughter Kellie was the victim of a drunk driving crash, also was honored in January 2008 with the California Friday Night Live Partnership's Super Star Adult Ally awards for her work to reduce California DUI s.

In related news, On Saturday April 25, 2009, the California Highway Patrol in conjunction with the Angels Camp Police Department will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint. The purpose of the checkpoint is to target those drivers that are driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs (DUI).The sobriety checkpoint will be staffed by officers of the California Highway Patrol and Angels Camp Police Department that are trained in the detection of alcohol and/or drug impaired drivers. CHP Drug Recognition Experts, certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will be on site to provide on the spot assessments of drivers suspected of drug use. The officers will also be equipped with hand-held breath testing devices which provide an accurate measure of blood alcohol concentration of those suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Traffic volume permitting, all vehicles will be checked and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can be expected to be arrested and booked into the county jail.