Friday, May 22, 2009

California Highway Patrol plans on "Kicking Ass and Taking Names" - be careful of DUI Checkpoints & Cops Everywhere!

California's "ass-kickin'" Highway Patrol plans to fully enforce DUI & traffic laws this holiday weekend. A Maximum California DUI Enforcement Period is now in effect. Warning: all available CHP officers will be patrolling California’s roadways.

Highway officers plan on implementing increased California DUI enforcement of traffic laws from Friday evening through Monday at midnight. Reason: People tend to drink and drive and "go crazy" more on the holidays.

As a part of maximum law enforcement, CHP Public Information indicates California DUI checkpoints will be established. They'd be crazy to tell us where. “A checkpoint is somewhat confidential up until the point it will happen,” a CHP California DUI cop says.

One thing is clear. Even the a**-kickin' Chippers have to follow the stringent guidelines of a lawful California DUI checkpoint; otherwise California DUI lawyers like San Diego Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Rick Mueller and many other California DUI Lawyers Association members will be there to help fight convictions and license suspensions!