Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kiefer is proof Canadians don't get deported for criminal or DUI problems

Kiefer is in trouble Jack Bauer-style. The star of 24 may not have been sure on May 4, 2009 if he still thought he was Jack Bauer or the real Kiefer at the time Kiefer butted Jack McCollough, a fashion designer, with Kiefer's head. It's the latest in a line of infamous antics by the Canadian actor: funny, bizarre yet serious. "Jack" says he was coming to the defense of Brooke Shields after McCollough interrupted their conversation; Shields says nothing out of sort happened. And now Sutherland has been charged with assault. Signs perhaps point to alcohol as the catalyst behind the Sutherland head-butt, including a photo where the star appears red-faced and bleary-eyed complete with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Maybe the biggest tip off that the actor might have been intoxicated is what occurred earlier that evening: Sutherland was seen "acting totally crazy" while dancing "feverishly" and twirling people about, all while wearing a giant feather boa. Court is on June 22.

Rehashing his past, Kiefer spent 48 days in jail in 2007 and was handed five years probation after pleading guilty to drunk driving. Sutherland was pulled over after making an illegal U-turn, his blood alcohol level more than three times above the drink-driving limit in California. "Jack" was already on probation for another drinking and driving offence in 2004. In 1989 and 1993, "Jack" plead guilty to "reckless driving" charges. In both of those cases, "Jack" was charged with a California DUI, but the DUI charges were dismissed.

In 24, Jack appears poised to be saved by his daughter.