Monday, May 18, 2009

Major DUI crackdown is what California DUI defense lawyers forecast for Memorial Day Weekend - this upcoming weekend

Major DUI crackdown is what California DUI defense attorneys are hearing for Memorial Day Weekend, this upcoming weekend. California DUI police agencies will implement California Drunk Driving checkpoints and saturation patrols throughout California a statewide crackdown during the Memorial Day weekend. If you need a lawyer after this weekend, look at your options.

“Law enforcement (agencies) throughout the county will be combining resources and sending out a unified message this Memorial Day weekend to holiday travelers, college graduates and communities enjoying festivities that drunk driving won’t be tolerated. If you’re over the limit, you will be arrested,” said one California DUI Police Department cop.

The county’s Avoid the 13 DUI task force will be staffing California DUI checkpoints this weekend and deploying additional local DUI saturation patrols working overtime. The California Drunk Driving task force will be “targeting those (people) who still don’t heed the message to designate a sober driver before the celebrations begin,” Savano said.

The California DUI enforcement campaign will begin in Petaluma on Friday night, May 22 with a DUI/driver’s license checkpoint in Petaluma, and California DUI saturation patrols will be scheduled throughout the weekend. The California Highway Patrol will be deploying 80 percent of all available officers — on freeways and county roads in its jurisdiction — during the weekend.

“Police, sheriff and CHP officers are doing more with less to remove drunk drivers from California’s streets and highways,” said Chris Murphy, director of the California Office of Traffic Safety. “Law enforcement (agencies) everywhere are asking for the community’s help; if you see a drunk driver, call 911.”

The Petaluma Police Department serves as the lead agency for regional California DUI enforcement efforts in Sonoma County to reduce alcohol-related injuries and raise general public awareness regarding the problems associated with drinking and driving.

Participating California DUI agencies include the city police departments from Cloverdale, Cotati, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Sonoma and Windsor; Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department; Sonoma State University Police Department; Santa Rosa Junior College Police Department; Santa Rosa Junior College Police Department; California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control; and California Highway Patrol, according to California Drunk Driving lawyers.