Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why is Orange County wasting time & money on a Tuesday California DUI Checkpoint?

Isn't a tuesday like the one weekday when no one goes out?

Taxpapers pay for police fund drunk driving roadblocks in California but does the required extra manpower and overtime come from the state or local tax revenues?

Costa Mesa California police are having a DUI checkpoint Tuesday from 6 p.m. to midnight. The question is why? Or huh?

This off-night California DUI checkpoint will form a barrier on eastbound Baker Street east of Bear Street. Naturally, MADD will litter the street with their car crash trailer, overstating the potentially dangerous aftermath for someone who even lawfully chooses to drink and drive (without being over .08 BAC).

Trying to set a record as this scheduled checkpoint is the 5th in 2 months? Costa Mesa had a couple of drunk driving checkpoints last month and the month before but were they on a Tuesday? . They arrested just 4 drivers for DUI on Friday May 22 checkpoint so one must wonder if they will arrest any California dui drivers on a Tuesday.