Monday, June 8, 2009

Around the California horn: DUI stories, checkpoints and updates

Santa Barbara California Police Department is picking up the pace with extra enforcement patrols specifically designed to catch DUI drivers starting Wednesday 6/10/09 through and including Sunday. Cops will be only doing California drunk driving assignments. The purpose of the proactive DUI patrols is to search and catch people who are DUI or under the influence of drugs, medication. People arrested for DUI will have their cars forfeited or impounded.

Last weekend, drunk driving cops held a DUI checkpoint Saturday in Stockton during which time 721 cars passed but just 4 drivers were arrested on DUI charges. 7 others were evaluated but had BAC's under California's limit. Who says suspicious cops don't make mistakes.

Moreno Valley California Police Department had a weekend DUI checkpoint was located on Cactus at Joy. A total of 8,078 vehicles passed through this drunk driving checkpoint. 173 drivers were issued citations and 139 vehicles were impounded. 18 field sobriety tests were conducted resulting in only 7 DUI arrests.

To the east, after hitting a "Pepsi" truck, CHP arrived on scene and arrested the man on for DUI. Then as he was sitting in the back of the patrol car, he kicked out a back window and attempted to escape. The man was caught by CHP officers and was being transported to John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Indio California.

Along the coast, a DUI crash near Paso Robles California happened after the vehicle ended up over on the Union Pacific railroad tracks. Train service was briefly halted.

Placer California's District Attorney's Office will not put a cop through a second trial who had been prosecuted on DUI charges for a 2007 incident in Roseville. Sacramento County Sheriff's sergeant Christopher Dayton Guerrero had a mistrial after a Placer County Superior Court jury deadlocked on counts of DUI and of driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or higher.

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