Wednesday, June 3, 2009

California taxpayers should be upset about the way our Government wastes so much money on Tuesday Night (No Arrests) DUI checkpoints

Are you fed up with wasted taxpayer money? Many people are. And with reason.

Whenever someone gets convicted of a California DUI, alot of money is collected. Seemingly unlimited cash funds even more drunk driving police work.

Check this out: Costa Mesa California Police Department wasted valuable resources and funds when it brilliantly scheduled a DUI checkpoint on a Tuesday!

That's right - arguably the non-busiest night of the week.

How many people are out drinking alcohol on a Tuesday?! Apparently none.

But that doesn't stop the cops from trying to see if they intrude on the lives of almost 1,000 drivers, just in case there might be one.

Money for this California DUI checkpoint on June 2, 2009, at Baker Street east of Bear Street, came from some mysterious, apparently unchecked grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Why don't the cops ever release the amount of money it costs to stage a checkpoint effort for numerous hours?!

While serving stale donuts during this questionable tuesday night operation, 959 vehicles drove through the California DUI checkpoint: 345 vehicles were stopped - how much did that cost?!

How many cops were on duty who guess wrong about 15 drivers? 15 drivers were screened because some "DUI police" thought they were driving under the influence.

Ouch. They were wrong. There were no DUI arrests.

Should the DUI police be concerned about wasting taxpayer money?

Should we, as citizens, be concerned that:
a) our time could be wasted going through a checkpoint,
b) shouldn't the cops going after real crime rather than wasting their time,
c) more importantly, that cops make mistakes in 15 of the cases, operating on an apparent misguided hunch that someone was intoxicated when they were not?!
(What if that was YOU who ended up getting arrested by one of the cops who mistakenly thought you were intoxicated!)

When does this idiocricy end? CMPD was not happy with the "Big Zero" and will be teaming up with the MADD folks who are "mad" for scheduling yet another checkpoint on June 26th. Their big kick is try to get people who try to drive around or avoid the checkpoint even though - by law - they are entitled to an "escape route."